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    Re: Pesticide Poisoning & Chemical Exposure-Orkin and Termin

    Posted by PestKill05 on 6/23/05

    I agree. I read several depositions where Dr. Richard
    Lipsey, a pesticide toxicologist from Jacksonville, Florida,
    testified in many lawsuits where Orkin and Terminex were
    accused of misapplying pesticides inside homes. One case, in
    Nashville, resulted in a judgement against Terminex for $10
    million after appeals. Dr. Lipsey stateed he is the only PhD
    pesticide toxicologist that testifies in court, but he
    testifies for both sides, so be careful. He has been doing it
    for about 30 years while teaching at the University of
    Florida and working for EPA in Washington.

    On 6/05/05, ZXR90 wrote:

    Dr. Richard Lipsey is indeed the top forensic
    toxicologist in the USA. You are correct: he was the expert
    toxicologist in the cases called "Civil Action" in Woburn,
    Mass. that a movie and book were done on. He has cases all
    over the country and central America, Alaska and Hawaii. You
    can contact him on his website:

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