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    Re: Pesticide Poisoning & Chemical Exposure-Orkin and Termin

    Posted by DR. R. LIPSEY, TOXICOLOGIST on 7/01/05

    Thanks for the kind words. Dr. R. Lipsey

    On 6/23/05, PestKill05 wrote:
    > I agree. I read several depositions where Dr. Richard
    > Lipsey, a pesticide toxicologist from Jacksonville, Florida,
    > testified in many lawsuits where Orkin and Terminex were
    > accused of misapplying pesticides inside homes. One case, in
    > Nashville, resulted in a judgement against Terminex for $10
    > million after appeals. Dr. Lipsey stateed he is the only PhD
    > pesticide toxicologist that testifies in court, but he
    > testifies for both sides, so be careful. He has been doing it
    > for about 30 years while teaching at the University of
    > Florida and working for EPA in Washington.
    > On 6/05/05, ZXR90 wrote:
    > CornellUniv66:
    > Dr. Richard Lipsey is indeed the top forensic
    > toxicologist in the USA. You are correct: he was the expert
    > toxicologist in the cases called "Civil Action" in Woburn,
    > Mass. that a movie and book were done on. He has cases all
    > over the country and central America, Alaska and Hawaii. You
    > can contact him on his website:

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