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    Post: OSHA inspector not I.H. exposure/Acid,HydrazineMixed no warn

    Posted by r walsh on 5/28/04

    Atty needs help in dealing with Fed OSHA. Complaint filed
    (in 30day window/proof fax and phone rec.) OSHA says no
    complaint filed, yet sets me up with Whistelblower fraud.
    My atty has no expeiance, afraid of OSHA. I have Toxic
    incompatable storage inventories, photos of flooded lockers
    w/water reactives. (Hydrazine/Acids/Nitric Acid/Battary
    Acid/Photo chemicals all mixed)
    Mutagen/Taratogen/Carcinogens mixed no plackards/warning
    signs. I was told not to post them. This is a public site
    on Naval Station.and I have proof, photos and witnesses. 2
    Fires already happened w/photos. 75% work site burned
    down.. Fed Osha sends a Cal Osha rep. he reported "the
    boxes and place looked clean" and when asked by me his
    background "I have no understanding of chemicals or chem
    compatability" Yet I was denied case trial and now being
    denied Civil Action. Site Manager told employees to lie of
    fires. Inspector did not even ask Fire Dept. Inspector
    bought it. Case not started can someone help me. This is

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