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    Re: OSHA inspector not I.H. exposure/Acid,HydrazineMixed no

    Posted by lily on 9/14/04

    Try Tesfaye Tsadik, Oakland California( 510-839-3922). He
    has expertise with chemical injuries and some experience
    with OSHA - he is not afraid to battle the govt agencies.

    On 5/28/04, r walsh wrote:
    > Atty needs help in dealing with Fed OSHA. Complaint filed
    > (in 30day window/proof fax and phone rec.) OSHA says no
    > complaint filed, yet sets me up with Whistelblower fraud.
    > My atty has no expeiance, afraid of OSHA. I have Toxic
    > incompatable storage inventories, photos of flooded
    > w/water reactives. (Hydrazine/Acids/Nitric Acid/Battary
    > Acid/Photo chemicals all mixed)
    > Mutagen/Taratogen/Carcinogens mixed no plackards/warning
    > signs. I was told not to post them. This is a public site
    > on Naval Station.and I have proof, photos and witnesses. 2
    > Fires already happened w/photos. 75&37; work site burned
    > down.. Fed Osha sends a Cal Osha rep. he reported "the
    > boxes and place looked clean" and when asked by me his
    > background "I have no understanding of chemicals or chem
    > compatability" Yet I was denied case trial and now being
    > denied Civil Action. Site Manager told employees to lie of
    > fires. Inspector did not even ask Fire Dept. Inspector
    > bought it. Case not started can someone help me. This is
    > crazy.

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