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    Re: mold

    Posted by DD on 10/10/05

    I'm confused. If the bldg. inspector does not work for the
    health department then how did the health department find
    out you have mold? Did they come out and run tests using
    someone other then the local bldg. inspector, and if so, did
    they give you a copy of the test results?

    On 9/30/05, Stacy Allen wrote:
    > The Health Dept. claims we have mold and have informed us
    > that, due to the fact that my 2-year-old daughter is a
    > recent liver, small intestine and pancreas transpalnt
    > recipient (and currently has a trach installed), we must
    > have the problem fixed IMMEDIATELY or move. The problem
    > is, either my Landlord has the Local Bldg. Inspector in
    > their back pocket, or the Health Dept. has made a
    > Both the Landlord and the Bldg. Inspector claim there is
    > mold! Obviously someone is in error, BUT WHO? In the
    > meantime, I'm forced to seek out other living
    > at a time when I am the most financially straped. As an
    > unemployed, single mother trying to raise a "special
    > child, money is in short supply. Any idea what I'm to do
    > next? Possibly an independant (3rd) party? Somebody

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