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    Re: mold

    Posted by v on 12/02/05

    Well .. for what ever it worth, possibly nothing. Talk to the
    H.U.D. agency about your dilemma. You can find them on first Gov
    on the web. I think what happens is if you have a mold problem and
    complain, you'll get nowhere. If on the other hand you have a mold
    problemand some one else calls to complain about your problem
    causing them problems, then you'll see some action. That's te way
    it seems to work.

    On 12/02/05, JM wrote:
    > IM confused, in missouri, the health dept. wont do
    > anything,neither does the N.R.D, EPA,or any other county or
    > state
    > agencys .
    > On 10/10/05, DD wrote:
    >> I'm confused. If the bldg. inspector does not work for the
    >> health department then how did the health department find
    >> out you have mold? Did they come out and run tests using
    >> someone other then the local bldg. inspector, and if so, did
    >> they give you a copy of the test results?
    >> On 9/30/05, Stacy Allen wrote:
    >>> The Health Dept. claims we have mold and have informed us
    >>> that, due to the fact that my 2-year-old daughter is a
    >>> recent liver, small intestine and pancreas transpalnt
    >>> recipient (and currently has a trach installed), we must
    >>> have the problem fixed IMMEDIATELY or move. The problem
    >>> is, either my Landlord has the Local Bldg. Inspector in
    >>> their back pocket, or the Health Dept. has made a
    >> mistake.
    >>> Both the Landlord and the Bldg. Inspector claim there is
    >> NO
    >>> mold! Obviously someone is in error, BUT WHO? In the
    >>> meantime, I'm forced to seek out other living
    >> arrangements,
    >>> at a time when I am the most financially straped. As an
    >>> unemployed, single mother trying to raise a "special
    >> needs"
    >>> child, money is in short supply. Any idea what I'm to do
    >>> next? Possibly an independant (3rd) party? Somebody
    >>> PLEASE HELP!

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