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    Re: mold expert and pesticide expert

    Posted by Legaloc22 on 8/06/07

    Yes, Dr. Richard Lipsey is the toxicologist who testified in
    that case in Sacramento, but his expertise is really in
    pesticide poisoning. He does railroad exposure cases and
    drugs and alcohol cases, but after several decades of
    forensic toxicology work, I guess you have to get involved in
    many different poisons.

    Is he still a professor at the University of Florida teaching

    On 7/23/07, LawMed195 wrote:
    > Does anyone know about this case??
    > Dr. Richard Lipsey of Jacksonville, Florida writes:
    > I enjoyed attending the joint meeting with IUTOX and
    > the Chinese Society of Toxicology in Guilin, China, and
    > visiting the major hospitals in Shanghai and Beijing
    > afterwards, but I would like to make a suggestion regarding
    > recent developments inside IUTOX.
    > I am concerned with defense experts from Veritox, formerly
    > Global Tox, who testify in court for insurance companies,
    > presenting misleading information at the IUTOX convention
    > in Montreal. I was not there, but heard about it.
    > I testified in the Kelly-Frye Hearing in the Harold vs
    > Calif Casualty et al case in Sacramento in April of 2006
    > involving Kelman, Robbins and others from Veritox's 2004
    > summary of rodent studies regarding the risk from inhaled
    > mycotoxins in indoor office and residential environments.
    > The judge excluded the Veritox study of 2004 by Veritox's
    > Bruce Kelman and others based on my testimony that selected
    > rodent studies cannot be used to make conclusions that
    > mycotoxin levels can never get high enough in the air to
    > harm humans, ie ...."that human mycotoxicoses are
    > implausible following inhalation exposure to mycotoxins in
    > mold-contaminated home, school or office environments".
    > I told the court such a conclusion is junk science
    > and the judge decided not to allow the study to be
    > considered by the jury in the Harold case. The Harold
    > family was awarded over $2 million in that case. (Superior
    > Court, County of Sacramento, Case # O2AS04291)

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