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    Post: Discharge For Falsification on employment applicaton

    Posted by Darlene Messer on 5/06/09

    I need some advise on falsification on employment
    application. I am a healthcare professional and in 2007 I
    was hired by the biggest hospital system in Cleveland,
    Ohio a mounth later I was discharged for falsification. I
    was charged with disorderly conduct and I forgot because
    it was from 1993. Now when I apply at this same hospital
    system my application gets flagged even though I call
    ahead and I put it on my application, what can I do? do I
    need legal help, do I let it go, what should I do. In
    these tough times and this being one of the biggest
    hospital here I dont want to be excluded from employment.
    i think that me losing my job in 2007 was enough
    punishment, I guess the other question is how much
    puishment am I in for. Could this be forever with this
    Hospital? Thanks,

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