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    Re: Discharge For Falsification on employment applicaton

    Posted by Carol on 5/06/09

    If this is your only offense, contact a criminal defense attorney
    in your area to have your record expunged. The problem is that
    the employer does not buy your explanation that you "forgot."
    It is kind of hard to forget that you were charged with a crime
    if you have never been charged before or after. What they
    probably are thinking is: she didn't think we'd find out so she
    didn't tell us. we can't trust her.
    most hospitals purge their employment records after 10 years or so
    if they're big. But the best thing is to be completely up front
    with a new employer. go somewhere else, that hospital is just
    not going to hire you. nursing homes (yes, I know, crappy work
    and pay but a job nonetheless and the patients really do need good
    care) are an option. work somewhere else, establish your
    credibility and trustworthiness again and then try case again. and
    I wouldn't use your real name on a board like this. good luck.
    On 5/06/09, Darlene Messer wrote:
    > On 5/06/09, Convenient Amnesia wrote:
    >> "I was charged with disorderly conduct and I forgot because
    >> it was from 1993."
    >> Yep, happens to me too. I often forget I was charged with
    >> murder in 1990. Amazing how these things slip our mind.
    >> Convenient Amnesia
    > Murder and Disorderly Conduct, The two are not even close, But
    > thanks for your help. Darlene Messer
    >> On 5/06/09, Darlene Messer wrote:
    >>> I need some advise on falsification on employment
    >>> application. I am a healthcare professional and in 2007 I
    >>> was hired by the biggest hospital system in Cleveland,
    >>> Ohio a mounth later I was discharged for falsification. I
    >>> was charged with disorderly conduct and I forgot because
    >>> it was from 1993. Now when I apply at this same hospital
    >>> system my application gets flagged even though I call
    >>> ahead and I put it on my application, what can I do? do I
    >>> need legal help, do I let it go, what should I do. In
    >>> these tough times and this being one of the biggest
    >>> hospital here I dont want to be excluded from employment.
    >>> i think that me losing my job in 2007 was enough
    >>> punishment, I guess the other question is how much
    >>> puishment am I in for. Could this be forever with this
    >>> Hospital? Thanks,

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