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    Re: Need advice on significant mold in my home

    Posted by Maryann Brown on 6/14/05

    On 6/11/05, MARYANN BROWN wrote:
    > On 11/11/04, Kristine wrote:
    >> Hello, I am writing this as a last resort, as I do not know
    >> which direction I am to turn. I purchased a home just a
    >> year ago, and have recently begun to notice black mold
    >> growing in my bathroom cabinets. I have tried to treat the
    >> problem myself, but needless to say, my efforts have become
    >> fruitless. Since that time I made it a point to pay
    >> particular attention to see if there were any other
    >> problems. I can tell you that the smell is rampant
    >> throughout the house, noticable as soon as you walk in the
    >> door. Closer attention to particulars has shown me that
    >> mold is growing everywhere. My kitchen cabinets are
    >> completely covered in a noticable mold, and yes, I have
    >> found that mold is actually growing through my carpet!!!
    >> Things I would have never noticed or payed attention to
    >> otherwise has shown to have mold growing on them. This
    >> includes my shoes, everything in my closets, and everywhere
    >> in my living room including all my furniture. I am very
    >> scared and now understand why my dog has been "sick" for
    >> awhile, and explains why I have felt so fatigued and
    >> congested. In the disclosure provided by the seller he
    >> states the only thing he is aware of was "dampness".
    >> However, in talking with the neighbor recently, he told me
    >> that the previous owner had to redo the master bathroom
    >> because the floor had caved in (my guess would be due to
    >> deterioration from mold). Also, I know that there is brand
    >> new carpet that was intstalled over top of the existing
    >> carpet. My guess is that he was aware of the mold issue,
    >> especially with the type of quick fix work that was done to
    >> the home. It is an older home, and I knew that it would
    >> need some fixing up, but I believe the cost of fixing all
    >> the mold problems with exceed that actual cost of the home.
    >> I am very concerned, and fear even walking on my carpet. I
    >> am also very concerned for myself and my pet. I have
    >> looked on the internet some, and have not found any
    >> attorneys specializing in mold litigation in my area (York,
    >> PA). I am not sure where to get started, or where to
    >> turn. If there is anyone that would have any advice I
    >> would so greatly appreciate any input. Thank you.

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