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    Re: Chemical Exposure

    Posted by Nell on 5/23/05

    On 12/03/04, Jenny Brooks wrote:
    > In Feb 04, I was exposed to several chemicals at work
    > while they were remodeling the building w/o ventilation.
    > Due to severe headaches immediately following the exposure
    > of chemicals, I was sent to the hospital emergency room
    > twice for help. Since the exposure, I have had headaches
    > 24 hours a day w/o any headache free time. I have had all
    > of the tests done (MRI etc) and they have come back
    > normal. I am seeing a Homeopathic doctor, two
    > Neurologists, a Chiropractor and an Internist. The
    > Neurologists are treating me w/ medication, but I still
    > can't funtion normally or work and the headaches are
    > causing problems with my relationships and my lifestyle
    > has slowed down significantly. What is the best way to
    > appeal my disability insurance, which had been denied?
    > Also, do you think this has triggered a multiple chemical
    > sensitivity in my body?
    > Thanks for your advice, Jenny

    Hi Jenny,
    I know you posted a while ago, but if you happen to still
    check thias board I hope the following weill be of help.
    There is an organization called CIIN, Chemical Injury
    Information Network. Through them you can purchase there
    last medical conference on Video tape (it was hekld in April
    of 03)however the medical information on it id fantastic and
    may lead you to the answers you are looking for. Also, check
    to see if your homeopath is practicing classical homeopathy,
    5th and 6th edition (the most advanced form of homeopathic
    mamagement there is)

    Best of Luck to you.

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