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    Re: Looking for help in decision

    Posted by gayla on 10/29/06

    On 10/29/06, gayla wrote:
    > On 10/27/06, Juanita wrote:
    >> Just received settlement papers on Phen Fen case from my
    >> lawyer and was wondering if anyone could help. I cannot
    >> make up my mind on my settlement. I don't understand how
    >> everything has been allotted. Out of 17,500 I'll be
    >> receiving less than 8,000. Not sure if that's good or not.
    >> I've been diagnosed with moderate regurgitation in my
    >> Mitral valve, I was one the medication over 90 days and
    >> was over 50 when diagnosed. My lawyers are taking 40&37;
    > even
    >> though they've settled out of court. Could any help with
    >> information to help me make a decision? I'm hoping someone
    >> knows a little more than I do about the settlement as I
    >> live in a small town and have little ways of finding
    >> information. I would appreciate anything you can do.
    > i got my package too and i am going to take it. not as much
    > as i would have liked but never is. i think if we don't take
    > it we will get nothing, anything is better than what i had.
    > the lawyers get more or as much as we do for fees and
    > expenses which doesn't seem fair but if not for them we
    > would have got nothing. so far the cases in court are not
    good for us. and alot of them are worse cases than ours. wyeth
    has been winning most of the cases. we would have to go to
    court one on one. and probably end up with nothing. and the
    lawyer would still get his so i am taking mine. gayla

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