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    Re: Looking for help in decision

    Posted by Maria on 10/30/06

    On 10/30/06, gayla wrote:
    > On 10/30/06, Charlotte Casselberry wrote:
    >> I am in the same boat - received the same offer - have the
    >> same diagnosis. My thought is that I didn't have anything
    >> before and this is better than nothing. But I'm curious to
    >> know if they don't get the 95&37; signatures, then what???
    >> What happens to those of us who do agree on the settlement??
    > i think we would have to go to court individually and probably
    > get nothing. what i have heard about the ones going to court
    > it hasn't been very good. wonder how long it will be before we
    > hear if everyone turned in their signatures? and then how long
    > it will be before we get a check? thanks gayla

    I signed my papers on July 3rd and still am waiting. I think
    they make as much interest off of the money first before sending
    it. Why dont you give your attorney a call, they should be able
    to tell you something. Just ask for a status on your funding

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