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    Re: Looking for help in decision

    Posted by shayla on 12/22/06

    just be patient: it is best to get little that way maybe not
    alot wrong with you. my mother passed away almost 6 mos ago,
    in part cause of phen-fen lawyer told me she was only elgible
    for 2500.00 just be satisfied you are not dead and stop being
    GREEDY! Moderate is not severe.

    On 12/21/06, gayla wrote:
    > On 10/27/06, Juanita wrote:
    >> Just received settlement papers on Phen Fen case from my
    >> lawyer and was wondering if anyone could help. I cannot
    >> make up my mind on my settlement. I don't understand how
    >> everything has been allotted. Out of 17,500 I'll be
    >> receiving less than 8,000. Not sure if that's good or not.
    >> I've been diagnosed with moderate regurgitation in my
    >> Mitral valve, I was one the medication over 90 days and
    >> was over 50 when diagnosed. My lawyers are taking 40&37;
    > even
    >> though they've settled out of court. Could any help with
    >> information to help me make a decision? I'm hoping someone
    >> knows a little more than I do about the settlement as I
    >> live in a small town and have little ways of finding
    >> information. I would appreciate anything you can do.
    > anybody heard anything lately?

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