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    Re: Looking for help in decision

    Posted by lori on 3/04/07

    On 1/29/07, gayla wrote:
    > On 1/28/07, Jojo wrote:
    >> On 12/29/06, elsie wrote:
    >>> gayla, what was your 'number'? i also am over 50 with mild
    >>> regurgitation. my settlement number is 24.66.
    >> I have PPH and I am dying. I have had an attorney since late
    > 2005
    >> or early 2006. He told me that once my doctors send my entire
    >> file that MY case will settle within a few months.
    >> I hope this helps. He did not mention a figure, only said that
    >> the amount will be substantial. (That's relative, isn't it?)
    >> It will never be substantial enough to pay my daughter to live
    >> without her mom.
    >> Jojo :(
    > jojo i am so sorry i do hope you will get some money soon. gayla
    I have been in contact with several people who have refused to sign
    the settlemet agreement. They feel it is a joke and if they dont
    sign the lawyers get nothing. I know this is holding back all of us
    waiting for money, I wish I would have went through a different
    lawyer since many people have been paid and my attorney has changed
    the date repeatedly and when you discuss this with them they denie
    ever telling me those dates. Many of us were suppose to receive our
    money by the end of the year (2006). I am also dieng and have
    become bed ridden, I had hoped to take my family on a trip before I
    died but now I wont be going with them. My offer is so low I should
    have never opted out annd just took what they offerd in the class
    action, maybe then I could have enjoyed being with my family one
    last time.

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