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    Re: Looking for help in decision

    Posted by Richard on 4/21/07

    On 4/15/07, geraldine wrote:
    > On 1/28/07, Jojo wrote:
    >> On 12/29/06, elsie wrote:
    >>> gayla, what was your 'number'? i also am over 50 with mild
    >>> regurgitation. my settlement number is 24.66.
    >> I have PPH and I am dying. I have had an attorney since late 2005
    >> or early 2006. He told me that once my doctors send my entire
    >> file that MY case will settle within a few months.
    >> I hope this helps. He did not mention a figure, only said that
    >> the amount will be substantial. (That's relative, isn't it?)
    >> It will never be substantial enough to pay my daughter to live
    >> without her mom.
    >> Jojo :(
    I'm in the 7th amendment and waiting for the first 40%. those who
    filed befor 9/30/06 have already been paid. The current payout is set
    at $9925.00 per point and expected to go higher.

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