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    Re: 7th Amendment

    Posted by gayla on 2/11/07

    On 2/11/07, booboo wrote:
    > On January 18, 2005, Judge Bartle, the United States District
    > Court Judge overseeing the Nationwide Diet Drug Settlement,
    > approved the Seventh Amendment to the Fen-phen Settlement.
    > That approval essentially creates two Fen-phen Settlement
    > Trusts: the Original Settlement Trust and the 7th Amendment
    > Settlement Trust.
    > The 7th Amendment Settlement Trust is a newly funded $1.25
    > billion settlement fund designed to provide a modest level of
    > monetary compensation to two groups of Fen-phen Claimants: (1)
    > the thousands of Diet Drug Recipients (approximately 43,000)
    > who timely filed a Green Form on which compensation for Matrix
    > Level 1 or Level 2 injuries was claimed; and (2) the thousands
    > of Diet Drug Recipients who, although not eligible for Matrix
    > level compensation, were diagnosed with "FDA Positive"
    > valvular regurgitation and/or Mild mitral valve regurgitation
    > and who timely registered with the Diet Drug Settlement Trust.
    > Unless a Diet Drug Recipient who is in one of these two groups
    > made a timely and affirmative election to Opt-Out of the 7th
    > Amendment, he/she is automatically covered by the 7th
    > Amendment.
    > Because the 7th Amendment Settlement Trust is a fixed
    > settlement fund AND the number of Diet Drug Recipients who
    > will be eligible to share in the fund is unknown at this time,
    > the amount of compensation to be paid to each eligible Diet
    > Drug Recipients is currently unknown. Until the review of all
    > claims is completed and the number of eligible Diet Drug
    > Recipients is determined, the amount of compensation to be
    > paid to each eligible Diet Drug Recipient cannot be determined.
    > On 2/11/07, Shayla wrote:
    >> On 2/07/07, Bob wrote:
    >>> Has anyone heard from his/her attorney saying they had
    >>> received a signed order from the judge? Has anyone
    >> received
    >>> 7th amendment check or correspondence saying when the
    >>> payment could be expected?
    >> Of course, we haven't heard anything. It seems as if when
    >> people do learn of something, everyone is hearing different.
    >> What are you referring to as the 7th amendment?
    >> Why can't they just get the ball rolling? Have they not
    >> heard of "SENSE OF URGENCY" ha ha Had to be a little
    >> funny.
    >> If you hear anything let me know
    > i got a letter from my lawyers saying how much i would get.
    but they also said that 95% of the people didn't agree to it we
    would get nothing. and so far they haven't been able to get the
    percent they need. thanks gayla

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