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    Re: opt-outs

    Posted by gayla on 3/05/07

    On 3/04/07, gloria wrote:
    > On 3/02/07, gayla wrote:
    >> On 3/01/07, gayla wrote:
    >>> On 3/01/07, me wrote:
    >>>> I am sure she is in the 7th not a opt-out like we are.
    >>>> Me
    >>> i bet she is too. but i wonder why she got so much. as far as i know she works. squirrel maybe we need
    >>> her lawyer!!!!ha gayla
    >> got a letter today from my lawyer said they now have 85 percent of the signatures needed and are working
    >> on the other 10 percent needed. hopefully one of these days. gayla
    > It sounds like we all have the same attorneys (laminack and Pirtle) also received letter. I know of many
    > people who have already received their money but used different Law firms. I think our attorneys took on
    > more than they could handle, being a BIG (ha ha) law firm they have to many clients involved in this. The
    > people I know of received their money back in October 2006. Their settlements were much larger then ours,
    > they are running out of money and we are the ones who have paid for it our attorneys have gotten fat because
    > they have over 4000 cases. This has been BS.
    yeah the dame lawyers over 4000 clients. wish i had used some one else. doesn't seem fair does it? no squireel
    he didn't open it. but i told him to go to post office and get it and what was in it. or he would have.we
    should get the same amount as the others. if we get anything1111ha thanks for info. gayla

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