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    Re: Checks In Mail

    Posted by Trischa on 5/02/07

    I've been told that I was on the next supplemental list for payment
    by the folks at but nothing is listed on
    that website stating there is going to be a payout soon. I am not
    being represented by an attorney,and now I wonder where this
    imformation came from regarding a payout in 4-6 weeks. It certainly
    has been a long road and frankly, I'm sick of waiting with my hopes
    up. Any information would be greatly apprieciated! On 4/26/07, Me Too
    > Looks like this is finally over. Attorneys have reached 95&37;.
    > Wyeth is putting money in bank of their choice and checks will come
    > from there in next 4-6 weeks. Hoo Rah! This has been a long road,
    > many years. But, not happy with settlement, but will take what I
    > can get. I'm not greedy.
    > Me Too
    > On 4/24/07, gayla wrote:
    >> On 4/24/07, Me Too wrote:
    >>> On 4/24/07, me wrote:
    >>>> I signed for 40&37; to go to attorneys,I knew up front right
    >>> or
    >>>> wrong I guess,I would just like to know when bulk
    >>>> settlements will be paid,waiting waiting......
    >>>> Me
    >>> Attorney said Wyeth had agreed to 92&37; and that Wyeth would
    >> cut
    >>> a check to them shortly and that first payments would go out
    >>> within 30 days after they receive it.
    >>> Me Too
    >> sounds good to me. i also knew what attorney would get. but we
    >> wouldn't get anything without them even though we are the ones
    >> that are injured. they got the know how. thanks gayla

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