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    Re: Can anyone help me?

    Posted by NIKOMOM on 5/02/07

    Crystol, I also live in Oklahoma. All the lists that I have
    seen are claim numbers, not by names. I think it would be
    impossible to find someone due to HIPAA. My attorney told
    me that somehow my name slipped thru the crack and didnt get
    mailed out in March. He called and was told my name would
    be at the front of the list on the next payout, which was
    sometime in May.

    On 5/02/07, Crystol Mullenix wrote:
    > I live in Oklahoma. I'm not sure how they are processing
    > checks, but a lady I work with received her check in
    > March. What I am wanting to know is does anyone know how I
    > can find a list of all Plantiff's involved in the law
    > suit. I am looking for someone in particular. Any help
    > would be great! Thanks, Crystol

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