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    Re: fen-phen

    Posted by Squirrell on 5/14/07

    On 5/14/07, ME wrote:
    > On 5/13/07, SHAYLA wrote:
    >> On 5/09/07, me wrote:
    >>> On 5/09/07, Me Too wrote:
    >>>> Was this from O'Quinn? Hope so, I've waited for 6 years. I'm
    >>>> in midwest, imagine I will get my check by mail. Why are you
    >>>> picking up your check? I was told checks would be sent out
    >>>> within 4 weeks, its been 3.
    >>>> I was also told they would be sent regular mail,she must be
    >>> with 7th.Next week maybe!!!
    >> I think I am going to call my law firm on Monday to see what the
    >> update is. You think they will give me an update.
    >> Thanks Shayla

    This is Squirrell, I called Texas lawfirm (Laminack & Pirtle) today.
    The lady that answered the telephone said they gave Wyeth some kind of
    spreadsheet and the checks are starting to be mailed out this week,
    whatever the spreadsheet is. That is how the checks are being mailed.
    i wuld assume in less than a month, surely we all will have received
    our checks. I sure hope so anyway.
    Anybody else has any information, please pass it along.
    Thanks Squirrell.

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