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    Re: fen-phen check

    Posted by shellyville on 6/02/07

    On 6/01/07, gayla wrote:
    > On 5/31/07, Squirrell wrote:
    >> Just wanted to let you know I received my check on the 20th
    >> of May. I took it to the bank, but it will be on hold for
    >> 13 business days. That is to make sure the check clears.
    >> Especially if is a large amount. Then, they say in 120-180
    >> days we will receive another check (smaller) from the
    >> reserve thta is held back. Squirrell
    >> On 5/31/07, booboo wrote:
    >>> does anyone have any latest information concerning the
    >>> mial out of the checks? if so please let me know. i
    >>> noticed there is not much talk on this chatboard about
    >>> fenphen anymore. thanks booboo
    > i got my check too. i kad a law firm in texas. good luck. hi
    > squirrell. gayla

    Hey just checking the board with both web sight and everything
    seems to be at a stand still right now. haven't heard of
    anyone getting anything since the 20th of the month....I'm still
    waiting lawyer said they heard from the board and everything was
    still on track but don't know when and how long it's going to be
    I check each board every day. I guess it's to much for them to
    work the week-end......So now I just sit and wait bite my nail
    and hope and pray every time a fex-ex truck goes by I run home or
    look out the window this is so stressful on my heart is really
    worst than the fen-phen damage......Help please post when you
    receive your check or some kind of news anything

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