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    Re: fen-phen

    Posted by Me Too on 6/11/07

    On 6/11/07, shellyville wrote:
    > I guess I'm the only one still waiting on money? I don't
    > hear or see anyone else posting anything latley.
    > I'm still here in Flordia, whishing and hoping and praying
    > that something will come through before I'm dead.
    > I have to go back to see my Drs. for my heart and don't
    > know how that's going to play out???
    > If someone got a check or one pending please post.
    > Have a Blessed day

    Did you get your release signed and notarized? They can't
    cut check until you do. They're supposed to send out final
    checks this week to those who have signed release. I've been
    waiting almost 6 years. I've been expecting a check since
    mid-May and watching mailbox, so far nothing.
    Me Too

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