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    Re: fen-phen

    Posted by shellyville on 7/18/07

    On 7/17/07, lori wrote:
    > on 7/17/07, lori wrote:
    > Finally recieved my check, if you have medicare they take their
    > money first and then you have to sign a new agreement, you need to
    > check if this has happened causing your check to be delayed.

    I guess now thing have started to move again it's was going on 3
    months that anyone had goten a check. I'm so happy for you Lori, I'm
    sure like the rest of us it's has been a long road.
    Stay health and don't spend all in one place
    > On 6/12/07, Me Too wrote:
    >> I opted out. You must have a notarized settlement agreement
    >> first. My check was mailed today.
    >> Me Too
    >> On 6/11/07, shellyville wrote:
    >>> On 6/11/07, Me Too wrote:
    >>>> On 6/11/07, shellyville wrote:
    >>>>> I guess I'm the only one still waiting on money? I don't
    >>>>> hear or see anyone else posting anything latley.
    >>>>> I'm still here in Flordia, whishing and hoping and praying
    >>>>> that something will come through before I'm dead.
    >>>>> I have to go back to see my Drs. for my heart and don't
    >>>>> know how that's going to play out???
    >>>>> If someone got a check or one pending please post.
    >>>>> Have a Blessed day
    >>>> Did you get your release signed and notarized? They can't
    >>>> cut check until you do. They're supposed to send out final
    >>>> checks this week to those who have signed release. I've
    >>> been
    >>>> waiting almost 6 years. I've been expecting a check since
    >>>> mid-May and watching mailbox, so far nothing.
    >>>> Me Too
    >>> So what your saying is I would have to wait for something from
    >>> the 7th before I will re'cd anything of a check and have it
    >>> notarized first???
    >>> Have you gotten your release and now your just waiting on a
    >>> check?
    >>> my lawyer told me I should be in the next round what ever that
    >>> mean???

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