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    Re: FEN-PHEN

    Posted by shellyville on 7/26/07

    On 7/25/07, shellyville wrote:
    > On 7/25/07, Squirrell wrote:
    >> Hey, Shellyville
    >> I keep wondering about you, and hope for you to
    >> receive your check soon. It has been so long for
    >> everyone, to have waited, however, when i first spoke with
    >> a lawyer concerning this in 2001, we were told there
    >> woyuld be a 10 year umbrella. I just didn't really think
    >> it would take that long for most of us to receive our
    >> checks.
    >> However, I did receive my check in May, i have still
    >> been thinking of the ones that have not received theirs.
    >> Have a good Day. squirrell
    > Squirrell,
    > Thanks for thinking about me I think I'm still really in the
    > pot (of Left Over) talk with the lawyer said they told her I
    > had everything and it's a go. but havn't heard any more
    > WHEN it comes it will be a blessing and money don't spoil or
    > go bad so I can still use it when ever it shows up.
    > I'm sure you were blessed with yours. I'm sure it was worth
    > the wait I'm just praying it will be over for every soon
    > and again thanks alot for caring

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