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    Re: pymt point values

    Posted by shellyville on 12/09/07

    On 12/09/07, April wrote:
    > AHP - the firm - diet drug settlement webpage does not
    > seem to get updated. Claimants are labeled only by a
    > filing number not by name. Matrix benefits are assigned by
    > a relative payment value/ point system for each matrix
    > claimant. Is there an updated report somewhere that links
    > each claimants point value to their designated filing/case
    > number? Or would that make it too easy for us all to see
    > that dollar amounts and claims don't add up. Like if a
    > relative payment value of 25 was assigned to a claimant
    > and each point is worth say $10,000 that claimamt would
    > get $250,000 on their case. Curious as to what point
    > values were assigned. I don't believe that the dollar
    > amount per point is supposedly between 10,000 to 15,000 a
    > point. With only 2,000 audits left to be settled before
    > the final dollar amount per point can be calculated it
    > doesn't add up in my eyes. Then again, the figures I quote
    > is figures my attorney guesstimated to me. And attorney
    > fees were capped nation wide by the seventh ammendment I
    > thought at 33 1/3. And reimbursement for the echos and
    > prescriptions. Being jilted by counsel is one thing but
    > being jilted by the justice system is overwhelming me.

    Check the web sight on
    someone posted there today
    > Breaks my heart,oops my bad I mean what's left of my heart.
    > It is our heart and our body that has been damaged. Thanks
    > for your time. I'm sorry for whinning.

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