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    Re: Judge have sign the order

    Posted by shellyville on 4/08/08

    On 4/08/08, shellyville wrote:
    > On 4/07/08, shellyville wrote:
    >> On 4/07/08, Bryce wrote:
    >>> On 4/06/08, shellyville wrote:
    >>>> Byrce....I was told by my lawyer that we will have our
    >>>> check by the first of April what year he didn't say?
    >>>> lawyer was wrong I hope yours will be right but
    >>>> in the mean time on the other board it show
    >>>> where the Judge was really behind in their case load and
    >>>> guess what your judge that's taking care of signing for
    >>> the
    >>>> fen-phen is one of the judges that's really behind with
    >>> his
    >>>> case load ......but I'm going to put all my marble in your
    >>>> basket and hope you are right .....crossing my finger and
    >>>> toes and legs and I got my mojo working also....LOL
    >>> Shellyville, where is you're lawyer from, mine is out of
    >>> Texas. Yes I hope he was right to. Keep the prayers going,
    >>> maybey soon everyone will have their Bryce
    > If you have not heard it's a done deal .....the judge have sign
    > the order....I repeat the judge have sign the order yes he
    > really sign the order.....I can't belive it myself but he have
    > sign the order thank you Jesus I can't belive it it's
    > a done deal whewwwww
    >> Bryce.........mine came out of New Jersey at which time I read
    >> the board and calls and tell them what's going on what they
    >> should do is send me the check and then I will send them the
    >> money that they worked for anyway you should read
    >> someone posted about the Judge being behind with
    >> his case load tell me about it like 5 years behind

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