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    Re: checks

    Posted by shellyville on 5/13/08

    On 5/13/08, LC wrote:
    > That is the same with me. As of this responsse, my lawyer has
    > not returned my phone calls. I know what the amount of my net
    > check should be. Perhaps some of the attorneys do not think
    > their clients are informed and might be trying to skim, said
    > lovingly. Ha Ha. (Doh! Not so funny.)

    I'm sure after almost 10 years they knew this was comming
    if they could have put some information on a 1-800number to let
    you know your check will be coming instead of just not picking
    up the phone. after all I had to let the lawyer know what was
    going on after reading the web sight its going to be intresting
    to see how muc h they charge for extra. on what I don't know
    because I did all the work and if I knew where to get the blue
    and orange form I could have done that and cut the middle man
    out they want to take over and handle everything
    hummmm I can't wait to see how much their going to take out???
    because just like you I know how much I'm suppose to receive

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