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    Re: Anyone else been cheated out of rightful findings???

    Posted by Leslie on 2/23/09

    On 11/23/08, guest help wrote:
    > On 10/03/08, Cookie wrote:
    >> Has anyone been extremely upset at their findings??? I was
    >> in the original settlement which should have netted me
    >> about 350K after legal fees.My laywer strongly suggested I
    >> opt out and take the 7th ammendment because he said the
    >> trust was running out of money and I could potentially get
    >> nothing if I stayed in the original settlement. I was told
    >> I'd get approximatey 70K with my moderate mitral valve
    >> regurgitation. After waiting 5 years in total, I was told
    >> my case was reviewed and I was to get about 20K because
    >> they thought I might have had rhematic fever once- I never
    >> had anything of the kind. My laywer suggested I go for a
    >> second review but said the second and final review would
    >> be binding with no appeals. SInce I have had over a dozen
    >> echos and been reviewed by at least 6 different
    >> cardiologists who have all found my echos to indicate at
    >> least moderate mitral valve regurgitaion, I thought I had
    >> nothing to lose by trying again. When the 2nd review came
    >> back, that cardiologist said I had mild mitral regurg! I
    >> just got a check for $4,800.00!!! ANd my lawyer says I
    >> can't appeal. I Called the trust fund but they won't speak
    >> to me since they are only supposed to speak to my
    >> attorney.There has to be some way I can fight such a
    >> completely different finding from all the cardiologists
    >> I've seen and echos I've had. Is anyone in the same boat??
    >> ANy suggestions? For all I know there could have been some
    >> kind of mistake There must be some legal recourse left for
    >> someone who has been dealt such a discrepancy. I'd
    >> appreciate any feedback anyone could give me.
    I just got clued in to this chatboard so I am way behind, but
    what happened to Cookie also happened to me, even though I was
    told I had moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation. I
    paid the $1000 for the 2nd review. My cardiologist
    was "stunned" by the 2nd review. I would like to know what, if
    anything, you have learned since you originally posted in
    10/03/08. Does anyone know who these doctors were who
    performed the 2nd reviews. I received a letter from my attorney
    saying his firm has closed my file as it is their understanding
    that no further funds will be forthcoming, unless my condition
    continues to deteriorate.

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