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    Re: phen fen

    Posted by Sherry on 11/15/05

    On 11/05/05, kim wrote:
    > has any one heard andy recent news about a possible
    > settlement all i know via my lawyer's office is they are
    > still working on it ( since 2003 ) that doesnt help us
    > people without health insurance to pay high medical bills
    > and pay for heart medicine i dont know how the people at
    > wyeth /ahp can live with theirselves dragging this out

    I agree w/you Kim, I had taken Phen-Fen for about a year and
    a half and my doctor assured me all the time that this combo
    of drugs are safe. I now have Hypertension and Mitral Valve
    Regurgitation. I was a part in the class action lawsuit and
    all I got was a mere $200 for the drugs I had purchased in
    the past. I don't know how the company can get by with this
    because I am suffering and will be for the rest of my life
    because of Phen-Fen. After I had gotten the $200, I received
    a letter from the law firm saying that my case had been
    dischaged and that they could no longer help me. I don't
    know what to do either because who knows how bad my
    Hypertension or Mitral Valve problems will become in the
    future and if my life will be shortened because of this. I
    am very aggrevated by all of it.

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