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    Posted by sheree on 5/18/09

    On 5/18/09, Shellyville wrote:
    > On 5/18/09, guest wrote:
    >> I too see p & W has removed their board. Dont know if its
    >> permanent or not. If it is that is a chickenchit move. They
    >> dont look kindly to people finding out the truth, only what
    >> these lawyers want their clients to hear.
    > I'm with you said at one point Joe Simon was supposed to drop a
    > bomb on Monday I'm not sure if shutting down web sight had any
    > thing to do with it because now you can't find out anything I
    > know (Joe) said he was going to expose the truth?????? think we
    > all need to joint facebook where they can't shut it down. now
    > no one talking money what's up with that???
    > I smell a Rat anyone else!!!

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