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    Re: Phen fen

    Posted by Kathy on 2/07/07

    On 6/29/06, linda wrote:
    > On 6/24/06, gloria wrote:
    >> On 6/17/06, Debbie wrote:
    >>> On 4/27/06, Gloria wrote:
    >>>> Has anyone received any settlements? I have been waiting 4
    >>>> years, was suppose to go to trial, but something happened
    >>>> and we are not going now. Does anyone even know the
    >>>> amounts?
    >>> any day now !!!!! i was told by my lawyers in texas ,,,that
    >>> it had settled and i would revieve a settlement package to
    >>> sign and it would show the amount and the breakdown of
    >>> charges. this month...which is june 2006 GOOD LUCK !!
    >> Debbie - si your lawyer O'quinn lamanick and pirtle?
    > my lawyer is O'quinn lamanick and pirtle...I am not impressed! I
    > just received a letter saying things were not going well and the
    > settlement amounts would be much lower than originally expected.
    my name is Kathy and my lawsuit started in Oct. 2001 when we
    discovered heart trouble. I was told this would be a great lawsuit.
    I did not hear anything positive until Nov. 2005 when I gave a
    statement to the company that made the drug. Then within a few
    months, I recieved a letter from the lawyer to say that I was not
    going to recieve anything it was over, then in Jan. 2007 I was sent
    a packet that a one time selllement of $2000 would be issued in
    March 2007 but that was the last time I heard. I think it is a
    RIPOFF and would never had started it if I knew the time and trouble
    it would take. Good Luck to everyone.

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