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    Re: money

    Posted by shellyville on 6/25/09

    On 6/24/09, Dawn wrote:
    > I fired my first attorney. I found out that the Attorney
    > General from my state had told her she could not practice
    > law there. My new attorney only had to file some of the
    > paper work everything else had been done and he still got
    > 40&37; of my money. I have never gotten the chance to talk
    > him and when ever I have called and can only talk to the
    > paralegal, and it has always been such a big deal. For as
    > much money they have made off of me you would think they
    > could be a little nicer.

    It sounds to me you should go to the local bar association and
    report your lawyer. 40% of doing nothing he got over on you
    because if the first lawyer did all the work he should have
    gotten just a portion of the filling you could have done the
    rest by yourself. If I were you I would contact the bar
    association? Let them tell you if you have a case or not and
    than how to go about handleing the situation.

    Also be sure to visit other web page and report your
    situation with your lawyer and entering into the 7th

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