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    Re: phen-fen

    Posted by Shayla on 11/10/06

    Hi I am also guilty of taking the phen fen. no i am not getting
    much back either. Heeellllo tha means not that much was wrong. had
    yu rather died? The lawyers did not force us to take the medicine,
    but we did we all know that if we ANY medications in our body it is
    going to be disasterous. and risky. We need to stop blaming
    everybody else for our foolishness.

    On 9/29/06, Kit wrote:
    > The reason Wyeth is settling for less money with the claimants is
    > because you all have let them do this. If you are truely truely
    > injured, no one would settle for 1300 for heart damage.
    > You all sold out..........plain and simple. Don't blame it on
    > your attorney's....they can't do it if you hadn't agreed to it.
    > Promises from your attorneys....ha.
    > Kit
    > On 8/06/06, Pumpkin wrote:
    >> On 7/27/06, Gina wrote:
    >>> On 7/23/06, gloria wrote:
    >>>> On 7/13/06, dotty wrote:
    >>>>> Just trying to find out if any one has gotten a settlement
    >>>>> yet. My attorneys tell me the are moving on mine....but
    >>>>> sure is slow.
    >>>> Linda, I have heard nothing, my attorney Oquinn, last we
    >>>> heard was a generic letter stating it is going to be alot
    >>>> lowere then anyone expected
    >>> I talked to attorney first of month and again last week. They
    >>> said something about a grid coming out in August. How come
    >>> settlement is based on all their clients and not individual.
    >>> I'm not happy. Will attorneys pay us our interest since case has
    >>> been settled? Sounds funny to me. Has anyone heard of Angela
    >>> Ford and her cases against former clients' attorneys who settled
    >>> with Wyeth?
    >> I receive a $1300 check yesterday from my attorney. I am too
    >> upset. My heart was only worth $1300. I feel like my lawyer
    >> sold me out.

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