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    Re: phen-fen

    Posted by jj on 9/28/06

    On 8/18/06, gloria wrote:
    > I had also done a deposition in November 2005, was set for trial
    > April 17th 2006, told at that time they had agreed on settlement, as
    > of today still nothing, was told that maybe receive grid in
    > September. I do not know if the people who did depositions and were
    > scheduled for trial are going to receive a larger amount.... this is
    > getting old and if we do not except the amount they offer the
    > attorneys will no longer represent your case.
    > On 8/09/06, gayla wrote:
    >> On 8/06/06, Pumpkin wrote:
    >>> On 7/27/06, Gina wrote:
    >>>> On 7/23/06, gloria wrote:
    >>>>> On 7/13/06, dotty wrote:
    >>>>>> Just trying to find out if any one has gotten a settlement
    >>>>>> yet. My attorneys tell me the are moving on mine....but
    >>>>>> sure is slow.
    >>>>> Linda, I have heard nothing, my attorney Oquinn, last we
    >>>>> heard was a generic letter stating it is going to be alot
    >>>>> lowere then anyone expected
    >>>> I talked to attorney first of month and again last week. They
    >>>> said something about a grid coming out in August. How come
    >>>> settlement is based on all their clients and not individual.
    >>>> I'm not happy. Will attorneys pay us our interest since case has
    >>>> been settled? Sounds funny to me. Has anyone heard of Angela
    >>>> Ford and her cases against former clients' attorneys who settled
    >>>> with Wyeth?
    >>> I receive a $1300 check yesterday from my attorney. I am too
    >>> upset. My heart was only worth $1300. I feel like my lawyer
    >>> sold me out.
    >> a a friend of mine is in the class action she got a letter saying
    >> she was getting a 1300.00 check and also one for 4800.00. i have a
    >> the texas law firm and have heard nothing. only that we would be
    >> getting a grid to see how much we would be getting. will we be
    >> getting more than the class action people? i did the deposition
    >> and my friend hasn't had to do anything.

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