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    Re: money

    Posted by sheree on 7/30/09

    On 7/30/09, sheree wrote:
    > On 7/30/09, Elsie wrote:
    >> On 7/29/09, sheree wrote:
    >>> WHY CAN NOT SOMEONE GIVE US AN UPDATE????????????????
    >> Why do you type in CAPS? It is so 1970s. In today's world it
    >> is like you are yelling all the time. Calm down. (Said
    >> lovingly.) How much money are you waiting for?
    > I am very much aware that caps are like yelling--my eyesight is
    > very poor--i am sorry if i did bother you, however i can barely
    > see--did not mean to upset anyone. not waiting on alot of
    > money--husband has been out of work since nov with a serious
    > heart condition and i am trying to support our family. i am
    > glad that i got to explain this to you. if you need to ask me
    > anything else please to not hesitate. when you have 5 children
    > and are working double shifts and a husband disabled with no
    > income--anything is worth something at this time. i hope that
    > you understand. oh, by the way say a little prayer for us.
    > thank you

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