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    Posted by shellyville on 8/27/09

    On 8/27/09, nick wrote:
    > Glad to hear you guys are finally getting your partial payments
    > Remember, this is only part of the money you were
    > deserve every penny that was quaoted yoy from
    > the original settlement...dont let those attys who stole from
    > you try to keep the rest of the money you got coming.
    > we need to stand together and fight for the rest of the money
    > there is alot of work left we need to do
    > nick

    Yes your right. it was so much going on with these lawyer I
    don't belive. I found out they were haveing internal fighting
    from my cousin lawyer one of the BIG lawyer that worked on the
    fen-phen case now their sueing each other and all the time it
    was about our money but they the one's that made out like a FAT
    RAT and we got pennies and was happy for what we received how
    can we pay a fee on the money that was our in the first place we
    already payed them for their service the first time around now
    they hold our money hotages and charge us again to give it to us
    in installment than charge us each time they hand it to us
    a bunch of sob looking out for their self

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