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    Posted by Patricia Axelrod on 9/26/09

    Hello good people: I am seeking an atorney for a malpractice
    lawsuit to be filed in Nevada. I am concerned that a Nevada
    attorney can not be trusted so I am looking for California
    attorney. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

    Patricia Axelrod

    On 8/30/09, shree wrote:
    > On 8/27/09, nick wrote:
    >> Glad to hear you guys are finally getting your partial payments
    >> Remember, this is only part of the money you were
    >> deserve every penny that was quaoted yoy from
    >> the original settlement...dont let those attys who stole from
    >> you try to keep the rest of the money you got coming.
    >> we need to stand together and fight for the rest of the money
    >> there is alot of work left we need to do
    >> nick
    > count me in on whatever you guys decide to do. you are right we
    > are damaged just the same as the other folks. how much money are
    > the still holding on to? money that we should have gotten?

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