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    Re: phen-fen 7th

    Posted by shellyville on 9/17/09

    On 9/03/09, shellyville wrote:
    > On 9/02/09, Norma wrote:
    >> I was also in the 7th and paid according to the grid just
    >> tring to find information thanks
    > Would like to know why c.c. is keeping so much of our
    > money??? Now when you call Larry's he's out the office and
    > (AMarie) have such a tone in her voice like I'm just made to
    > answer your question but I really don't want to be
    > bother....This whole time I thought c.c. was working for us.
    > It seems like now more for themself. What I don't
    > understand the 900.000 dollars is being kept for what
    > purpose. I thought this was supposed to be the end to end
    > all funds to be paided out and this will be the end of all
    > funds under the matrix???

    just talking with my lawyer said everyone in the 7th will not
    be receiveing a check some people in the final 7th got all
    their money last payout can someone enlight me on who will be
    receiveing what from this up comming payout????

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