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    Re: can't hear anything now

    Posted by bill77 on 12/16/09

    On 11/29/09, shellyville wrote:
    > On 11/24/09, bill77 wrote:
    >> Has anyone had their claim in mediation and how long were
    >> you in mediation before a ruling made in your case?? My
    >> sister has been notified by cc that she is in mediation and
    >> we are in the dark about how long it will last. They would
    >> not give her an answer, outside of "you will be notified of
    >> the results...Thank you very much for any information as my
    >> sister is in very poor health, been in Class Action since l-
    >> 2000 and has moderate valve damage...Her mind is going
    >> because of the medication she has to take daily (9)
    >> medications, twice daily, and has been ruined physically
    >> and mentally by this drug. She was a very alert and astute
    >> individual until being introduced to Fen-Phen in 1996.
    >> Thanks again.
    > Now you can't gret any information from any one I tried going
    > on I think they have pulled the sight and
    > no one is posting now.......good luck

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