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    Re: Fiberglass Boat builder/1973-2000

    Posted by Deborah Lindquist on 9/22/09

    On 9/21/09, johncodie wrote:
    > What compels someone to drink paint thinner? You need help
    > On 9/19/09, Deborah Lindquist wrote:
    >> I built boats off/on for a lot of years,at least 10
    >> different companys.I worked at good & bad ones.If you were
    >> good, they would pay more. It was a competition trip. I
    >> worked with some of the same people at different
    >> company's,in Wa.St. I am going to take a trip to Spokane,
    >> to look up a few of these people this weekend. I,m very
    >> curious about their health,& a couple of them saw me drink
    >> the TOLUENE that day. Sure, I had all kinds of exposures
    >> through those years, but I never filed a claim with L&I
    >> until a few weeks after the fact,& they rejected it.I
    >> thought they were there to help,not screw me over, like
    >> they did. They had no experience about exposures,or I
    >> wouldn't be in the predicament I'm in.They could have
    >> helped me out, but seeing that I had not hired an attorney,
    >> they probably figured I was just stupid.I had major brain
    >> damage,but I never knew that until I had MRI'S done in
    >> 2001.But the TOLUENE started destroying me within 2 wks.
    >> after ingesting it.Conjuntivitis(eyes),central nervous
    >> system damage,peripheral
    >> neuropathies,tendonitus,bursitis,carpel tunnel,rotator cuff
    >> syndrome,liver,bladder,
    >> heart,hearing,glaucoma,parkinsons,asthma,depression,neurolod
    >> gical disorders,polyneuropathies,nerve
    >> disorders,bowel,bladder,kidneys,immune disorders,tingling&
    >> numbness of hands,fingers,feet,toes,circularatory
    >> problems,headaches,muscle(motor)problems,loosing
    >> strength,pnuemonitis,inflamation of lungs,confusion,slurred
    >> speach,unsteady balance,irregular heartbeat,& more. But
    >> every time I went to a Dr., I'd get a new claim no. & a new
    >> occupational injury,& allways denying exposures,which I
    >> kept telling them it was. Even after a visit from ecology
    >> dept., in 1988 &1990 & them seeing we had no protection
    >> gear, no wash stations, no labels on chemicals & using a
    >> storm drain in the blding which drained into the river for
    >> our toxic chemical dumpsite, they got a $2,500 fine &
    >> Ecology didn't go back there until 2003. I know they can
    >> check at least every 2 years. Somebody should have kept an
    >> eye on them. How did this happen,& why is that river the
    >> 6th most endangered in the world,& all those years
    >> polluting the river, which goes into the Columbia river &
    >> it,s waterways,which go into Idaho, Oregon,Pacific ocean, &
    >> British Columbia.If they used that drain when they started
    >> the company in 1980,they drained all kinds of toxic waste
    >> for 23 years.Checkout a Columbia river map,
    >> ( What do you think? I
    >> think its horrifying & it could have been prevented.Now,
    >> there's no going back. That isn't all that man got away
    >> with, either.He needs to step up & take resposibilities for
    >> his actions, but he will deny any wrong doings,cause a
    >> person like that couldn't have a consious!!! Just call me
    >> Toxic mama...

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