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    Re: styrene/toluene in workplace

    Posted by johncodie on 9/23/09

    I have heard some of the stories from the boat builders in
    Washington state, and Miami Florida in the development of the
    one or two mold composite hulls. It should have been obvious
    to you that you were working in a poor quality controlled
    enviorment with limited to no procedures. Consumables in the
    workplace, food, gum, soda drinks is a real big dischargeable
    offense where a person is spending thousands of dollars on
    his product. Who would like to be in the Atlantic Ocean in a
    huge storm to realize that the compound used as the reactive
    agent in the hull strenght was diluted with soda pop. A
    couple of swallows of toule shouldn't have intoxicated you
    besides making your sick, a rapid response of ingesting
    activated carbon, or other posion control measures should
    have been ample to getting you into a decent working

    I seems you accepted the shoddy work conditions provided by
    your employer and became a willing participant of this
    continuation of fraud, and disregard of your own health and
    the health of others. I am not sure there is any defense, or
    damages for individuals that get burned when they willingly
    walk into the open furnace.

    On 9/22/09, DEBORAH LINDQUIST wrote:
    > I was inside of a boat, cleaning with toluene. while they
    > installed the canvas, snaps & etc..They wouldn't let me
    > out until they were done. By that time, I was so exposed &
    > thirsty,(no air space), I went over to my cart to get a
    > drink of pop, & after a few swallows, I knew I picked up
    > the wrong bottle. since we put toluene into our empty pop
    > bottles, but I was so intoxicated, I made a stupid
    > mistake, which should hjave killed me,& I wish it did
    > sometimes. I think that might not have happened, if I
    > wasn't so confused. I have massive brain damage now
    > besides a number of problems with all of my organs, which
    > it attacks. i have central nervous system damage,
    > parkinsons, glaucoma, & whatever it will do to you, if you
    > survive it. I've spent the last 8 tearsw doing research on
    > this, so if ther's any ???'s e mail me.
    > Thankyou...

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