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    Post: Workplace exposures

    Posted by D. Lindquist on 12/09/09

    You don't know me,or what was going on in life at the
    time,to say what you said to me. I did not have prior
    experience on exposures, nor did I feel or ever dream I
    was & had been exposed until after the fact(swallows)20
    years, then I got myself some MSDS & read it, I then
    realized it was exposure, filed a claim, only to be
    rejected.If L&I would have been educated on chemicals in
    the workplace,they wouldnt have denied my claim. I guess
    they knew it wouldnt do harm,and told me it wasnt an
    exposure, using toluene on a daily basis for 20 years.
    Right! I saw but maybe 2 inspections in 30 years. They
    were not happening back then or maybe they paid them to
    look the other way. That I have seen many times. You have
    no right to judge me. I did not go to work there,knowing
    nothing except I would make more money, I had 2 boys & a
    mangled up husband to support, as if its any of your
    business, but then it seems that all you do, is sit on
    that computer & make comments. I think alot of those
    people are fake.Are you a fake? I dont need your stupid
    comments. Save them for someone else!

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