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    Post: Fiberglass Industries

    Posted by Ahyehokay on 12/20/09

    Is there anyone on this board that went into the
    fiberglass industry,from 1960's,or 1970's,or even before
    or after and experiance any exposures? Did you see any
    inspections? Were you provided with MSDS material,or any
    type of education on, or about,(the older toxic chemicals,
    you were using,on a daily,weekly,even yearly basis? Did
    you go to ("boat college?") to learn to build boats?Do you
    remember any inspections? Did you ever work in a "sick
    building" syndrome? Did you ever find a co-worker dead?Did
    you have regular meetings to be updated on new glues and
    other new hazardous chemicals brand new, right off the
    market,and evidentally putting them out there for
    uneducated people to try them out. Maybe, in the future,
    we will be able to tell you if there is any long term
    effects on us ginnypiggs ,later after we might not like
    the way it works, or they sneak it out yesturday, and
    replace it, after 2 deaths in one day. It took someones
    life to figure out how toxic it was. It sounds like a bunch
    of unexperianced, uneducated, regular old boat builders to
    me and thats exactly what it was and what was going on!!!
    Chemicals,chemicals that were there yesturday,but were
    called back all of a sudden? Did you work in Wash. st.
    where you only have to be 18 or older,with no prior
    experiance, working with Toxic Chemicals, that have caused
    deaths in the workplace,much-less experiance building
    boats.The only way you can make 50 cents more an to
    have some experiance, working with fiberglass.(It says
    nothing about these chemicals)For example:Your at a young
    age,you enjoy your job,you get offered more money,as the
    years go by & your reputation blossoms as word gets a-
    round about what you can do,and with almost 20 years of
    fiberglass work on your record, here comes some other boat
    builder, offering you more than you've ever made. And, as
    boat people do, they go for it. It was a competition type
    job,where even woman could make more than a man.That was a
    rare finding,and if you had any college education, you
    would be too qualified to build boats. You go along,with
    weird sypmtoms and different diagnosis,here and there,and
    these pains,that come and go,like you've never experianced
    all these many changes,and its like your body is telling
    you it can't keep this up anymore, Your hands curl up in a
    ball. You run real warm water over them,to get them to
    open backup,your hearing, your ears start having loud and
    scary rings,feel plugged at times,even for weeks,maybe a
    month,you never know.Then, your eyes ere diagnosed with
    glaucoma,and its not the hereditary kind, one eye has more
    damage in it on your next eye appt.,only to find out you
    have had a stroke in it, within the last 6 months.Then,
    you need a surgery on a vital organ thats being targeted
    at the time,and before the procedure,the Dr. checks your
    vitals, only to find a very enlarged liver,which is one of
    the first things toluene attacks, according to any MSDS
    info.,cause toluene,glue,and most of the other toxic
    chemicals,along with pro-longed exposures, will effect
    your whole nervous system,which it has,attacks and re-
    attacks until it has destroyed your immune system,causes
    respitory problems, like asthma, and it gives you a type
    of pneumonia,caused by industrial exposures from working
    in "sick blding's, if your educated enough to know what it
    means, there were many of them existing here in Wa. St. in
    the 60's,70's,80's & probably the 90's, the way our
    if it weren't for a bad economy, along with alot of
    bussinesses closing down,maybe it was a blessing in
    disguise,who knows. It only took me how many years and a
    MRI, showing a brain injury, that I was not told about
    until 4 years later, when they wanted to do another MRI to
    compare with the one done 4 yrs. earlier. It was then,
    after years of educating myself on exactly what my problem
    was, I realized that all of those years of exposures had
    been going on since my first job with fiberglass. I was
    just too exposed (probably)most every day, having used the
    same method with fiberglass and chemicals on a daily
    basis,I'd bet everyone else in this company was and
    probably are having some type of problems from those
    exposures,now,and don't even have a clue or they are just
    in a vege state, which can and has happened using
    toluene, styrene for such a lenghthy time on some
    exposures. I dont remember it all, but there were
    documented deaths from a certain type of glue, recalled
    aprox.late 70's,early 80's, used with toluene. there were
    all kinds of sm fires, some done experimenting with
    different chemicals,resins, laquer thinners,paints,
    lighters thrown in tanks of acetone, only to retrieve it
    later to see if it had a spark. It did and the guys beard
    caught affire. There was alot of b.s.going on, and for
    some reason people were getting away with very dangerous
    games with these chemicals, for years back!!!
    If my experiance and knowledge can help even one person,I
    will feel like I gave something back that was taken from
    us Wa, St.workers who worked in the fiberglass business
    around toxic chemicals, without any training and probably
    totally unaware of an exposure being present. If you dont
    know what an exposure is, how would you know if you had
    one, and what the long term effects would be, until you
    have to live through the whole damn ordeal, and every Dr.
    you went to, said it was not an exposure, were most-likely
    not educated enough in that area, didn't know,didn't care,
    and he surely couldn't let you, the person suffering with
    the horrible illness, maybe be a little more educated from
    his knowledge and years of working with the
    itchy,scratchy,nasty stuff, and he might know what hes
    talking about-no! If this e mail seems different, it's
    because I have had a traumatic brain injury, which, in
    many ways like having alzheimers, if your familiar with
    that. NOT A PRETTY PICTURE, believe me.

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