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    Post: Fiberglass Boat Company's

    Posted by D.Lindquist on 3/26/10

    Maybe it's a good thing that the economy took a DIP,it put
    a lot of small businesses out, like Washington's finest fib-
    erglass boat company's, who got away with murder, at$5.00
    an hour, that was really sad,losing 2 & almost 3 co workers
    one day at work. If they would have been doing their jobs
    that go with niehs,nih,osh's, coosh,ecy,dol.,and all those
    stupid little ("pass the buck") dept. names and whatever
    they mean,a lot of people wouldn't have some of the major
    problems that I and others have incurred by working in the
    fiberglass industry, with no education on working with all
    these hazardous chemicals. If I would have known I'd have
    brain damage and disabled at 50, I would not have continued
    working in that profession. It's what I didn't know, thats
    what got me in trouble.I notice now a days, they are doing
    their jobs a lot differentally.Thanks for not being there!

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