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    Posted by Judy Blackard on 4/19/10

    April 19, 2010

    I was exposed to Mineral Wool Quartz Insulation in a
    building I leased for my business of nine years. It was an
    old historical building in Plano, Texas. I had excessive
    amounts of dust continually shutting the HVAC down. Lost
    HVAC compressor. Landlord decided to unfilter building,
    which was previously semi-filtered causing large amounts of
    particulate debris and rodent fecal matter causing
    fiberglass dermatitis of skin and histoplasmosis of lungs.
    Dr. Craig Glazer, UTSW says histoplasmosis is prevalent
    from the Trinity River ofDallas through the Ohio River
    Valley and is a problem for respiratory health.

    The Mineral Wool Quartz Insulation is manufactured by
    Certainteed Corporation who is now bankrupt and operating
    under another name due to buyouts. Still poisoning America!

    I confronted my landlord, with absolute abandonment as he
    produced fibrous glass tests and asbestos tests that
    revealed fibrous glass in air sampling studies. When study
    was initiated, landlord specifically requested no testing
    be done for SILICA. Thus trying to hide the problem that
    was causing my health problems: sores on my exposed skin
    and loss of lung capacity 40% within six months of
    unfiltration, documented, tested by immunologist.

    Attempted biopsy on May 31, 2007 by general practicioner to
    identify sores embedded in my scalp. During biopsy, Doctor
    caused severe bleeding and sent me to emergency room at
    Richardson Regional Medical Center. They decided I was
    delusional about fiberglass in my skin, and I was a
    "cutter" and a danger to myself and should be admitted for
    observation. I was given heavy sedation and railroaded into
    the Psychiatric Ward for mandatory observation! My family
    believed the hospital. All except my kids! They have stood
    by me. Order for Protective Custody and $23,000.00 for an
    eleven day trip through hell in their psychiatric ward.
    Forced to take Zyprexa with seizure. I was miraculously
    released by court order to the custody of my kids.

    I then forensicly tested the building that was killing me.
    Armstron Forensic Lab performed air quality testing, mold
    level sampling and the test my landlord did not want taken:

    My landlord evicted me, criminally trespassed me and
    prosecuted me to protect himself and Traveler's Insurance
    Co. I began my medical journey with all the dermpath labs
    missing the polarization of foreign substances in biopsies.
    Quest, Dermpath, Cockerell, Omnipath all said no foreign
    substance: Psoriasis, Actinic Keratosis, Lichen Simplex
    Chronicus, Tinea Fungus, were some of the dermatologic
    diagnosis. I began to realize after contacting several
    medical facilities how you could polarize silica in a human
    skin biopsy. They were stumped, even the Mayo Clinic said
    they did not have the spectroscopy or polarization to
    reveal silica. I was shocked.

    I finally, after much searching, found a lab that
    identified the silica in my skin. I was insured by Blue
    Cross & Blue Shield at the time and they denied my
    $3,000.00 biopsy analysis with Chemir Analytical and said
    it was investigative and they would not pay the claim or
    the derm biopsy fee.

    I sold my horsetrailer, and biopsied my scalp by Dr. Eric
    Weisberg of Frisco, Texas who also saw me during my vacancy
    of the building. He was stumped and didn't know what it was
    other than what the previous reports revealed.

    I received the results from Chemir which revealed the awful
    truth: Four different kinds of silica, copper, titanium and
    aluminum were embedded through the dermis of my scalp.
    Parkland Hospital of Dallas recommended I surgically remove
    my entire scalp and attach new skin from my buttocks! I
    chose to exfoliate and have been for almost three years
    what nine years of dust landing on my skin caused. I have
    pneumoconiosis due to silica or other silicates, Psoriasis,
    Vascular expansion of my arteries causing excessive blood
    flow to brain causing overactive mental state known as
    HYPERVERBAL! Diagnosed for $23K at RRMC!

    I filed suit against landlord for premises liability fraud
    of knowing of a dangerous condition, concealment of
    dangerous condition, and retaliation of eviction to cover
    up this awful situation.

    I was left pro se in September 2008 and have been since
    only to be summary judgmented by a corrupt Judge in Collin
    County Texas, I am now at the 5th COA hoping for a reversal
    so I might see my trial date and justice for what they did
    to me.

    If you would like to identify your affliction of skin
    issues, please contact me and I will reveal the truth to
    you as the medical community will not. They will call is
    ten million different diseases and when they don't know
    what it is they create a name and label it. Morgellon's
    Disease is a prime example of this. They came to Dallas,
    Channel ll featured a story on Morgellon's and asked
    volunteers with these sores to join Oklahoma State
    University for a Controlled Study. The study began in 2006
    and ended in 2008. The CDC and OSU are in some conflict and
    the results have not been released....yet! They are hiding
    the truth what Morgellon's Disease is. I have a doctor
    friend who is sending her skin biopsy, the dust in her
    home, and the insulation in her attic. It will cost almost
    $5,000.00 to test. I believe we will see some results that
    will open the door to identification of this disease which
    I am suspicious of the Pink Panther Insulation products. We
    call it dust when it comes out of the small ceiling
    register, with air and rat feces, particulate debris of all
    kinds. Check your dust and rise above. The government is
    holding the truth to protect the insulation manufacturers
    from future litigation of the masses much like the Asbestos
    Era of Lawsuits, which now are governed by a Mesothelioma
    Cancer Diagnosis to be compensated. I want the world to
    know the truth as I am now disabled and dysfunctional. I
    look like smeigel in lord of the rings. I'm still me, I
    just look different from three years ago. I have to shave
    my entire body especially my scalp to remove the miniscule
    particles of quartz dust shards of glass and debris.
    Hopefully this nightmare will be over soon! No thanks to
    Medicaid and their doctors. If I had money I could pay to
    remove this with laser pixel surgery. Very expensive.
    almost $11,000.00 for my face alone!

    Please feel free to contact me I have lots of remedies to
    soothe your pain and suffering.

    God Bless All Afflicted!


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