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    Post: Fiberglass Exposure

    Posted by Gina Lopez on 9/11/13

    Hello have been exposed to fiberglass from a massive
    construction in the building I moved into 4 months ago. The
    construction project was not disclosed to me prior to
    signing my lease nor was there anything showing
    construction was going to be starting. The balconies are
    all being taken down the entire building is being upgraded,
    because it was built 1975. Here is my issue the
    construction started on the other units but the soot from
    the construction is all over my balcony and outdoor
    furniture. I started constantly scratching because I am
    itchy all the time, as well as having what feels like a
    frog in my throat. I thought it was my detergent changed
    that washed everything over still itchy. It was this
    morning that I realized it is from the soot and fiberglass
    that is all over from the drilling. Would like to speak
    w/an attorney in the Miami if possible to see if I have any
    legal recourse. The landlord has directed me to his
    attorney and I have not heard back from her. Thank you.

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