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    Post: fiberglass slivers everywhere in and on my body!

    Posted by Kammy Borth on 5/02/16

    Hello! Two and a half years ago I was at my friend's house
    and he was making ice candle molds with fiberglass and
    Superglue. I had opened his shop door with my right hand
    and and I got a sliver in my middle finger and my thumb I
    felt it like 2 days later but when I went to go take the
    sliver out I couldn't see anything I thought it was just
    wood but i wasn't that lucky!!! Now they are all over......
    My scalp from showering my eyes nose and lungs! I've had it
    and have tried everything out there.... I'm scared to even
    hug and snuggle with my daughter in fear that i spread them
    to her....! OMGOSH..... SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME...?!?!

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