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    Posted by Robert on 9/21/17

    Hey I am have a question, I recently started to work at
    fiber glass plant about 3 months ago, we'll just this past
    sunday my chest felt real heavy and hard to breath. I was
    coughing and felt like I couldn't catch my breath so I went
    to the formant office and continued to caought and hack up
    mucus mixed with a tent of red so after 30 to 45 min went
    by. I told them I want to get it looked at, so there boss
    said to get the paper work ready and they went with me to
    the ER the visit went by and the doc said I had bronchitis,
    and they gave me steroids and a inhaler. Well come home
    cred to sleep due to paid and went back to the er the next
    day. With this visit did ex rays again the doc com and
    tells me everthing looked OK just my air ways looked In
    flammed, and that I had chimical bronchitis. Well I been
    going through he'll with my work they want except my doc.
    Excuse bc it was signed my a rn. So my mother I law faxed
    it back to the ER and they faxed it back with the doc.
    Signature. Well my mother I law faxed it to my work they
    said they can't use it bc it seems like she foraged a sig.
    To the exscuse. So the hospital gave me a number to give
    them to call and her words are it's not my job to chase
    around your paper work. They also wrote o the exscuse to
    give me the proper face mask, and he response to me is iam
    not sure if they know where you work at we don't have to
    give you a respoator. But where I work iam getting exposed
    to glass "fiber glass". It's just a lot and feel like there
    waiting to fire me. I don't want to to cotinue to put my
    body through these conditions.

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