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    Re: fiberglass dermatitis

    Posted by standswfist on 4/24/07

    On 1/12/07, cynthia wrote:
    > On 7/26/06, s.lewis wrote:
    >> Hi there. I have a relative who is suffering from severe
    >> fiberglass dermatitis. He is covered head to toe with
    >> granulomas from the fiberglass particles coming out of his
    >> body. No Doctor's will help. The Union is not
    >> listening. He is at the end of his rope. Does anyone out
    >> there have the name of a good Doctor and lawyer that can
    >> help him out?
    >> Thanks
    > fiberglas considered as asbestos. try an attorney for
    > asbestos. hope this helps.

    Actually, I am curious how you know that it is fiberglass.
    There are some pretty major issues going around that are
    similar to the symptoms you speak of. Being a victim of it
    myself, I know that mold was the culprit. You will find much
    information under fiber disease or "Morgellon's Disease.

    As far as a doctor for this. Yes. Dr. Vincent Marinkovich of
    Redwood City, Ca.
    Sounds like James L. Schaller is onto it, as well.

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